Report: Houthi militia bombard a populated area in Hodeidah with internationally banned weapons

In a serious and dangerous development that portends a veritable catastrophe, deaths and bottlenecks among local residents in Hodeidah have been reported by toxic gases after a rocket fired by the Houthi militias
Five people were killed and dozens of animals died from asphyxia, early Thursday morning , 22 November 2018, in the village of Al-Mahd northeast of the Directorate of Beit Al-Faqih in Hodeidah Governorate, According to a Yemeni media report
Local residents in the village of Al Mahd said they heard a rocket landed near the house of Hussein Saleh Magharif, east of the village, but no traces of explosives were found
The residents added that they felt suffocated when they approached Magharif's house, which led them to retreat and inform the Houthi militia, who told them that it was a missile test carried out by the missile unit and that the residents would not be affected because the rocket did not explode
The residents said that they returned home at one o'clock afternoon the same day, and they put a cloth dampened with water on their noses. They found a man with his wife, 14-year-old son, daughter and his sister were died and their faces were blue with concentrated blue stains spotted on their bodies
A medical source at Beit al-Faqih Hospital confirmed that five bodies had arrived from the village of Al-Mahd to the hospital, and that the bodies of Hussein's family had suffered from asphyxiation from toxic gas similar to Mustard
Accordingly, the Houthi militia launched a campaign of arrests that included 18 rescuers and some their relatives who took the victims to Beit Al-Faqih hospital
Houthis confiscated touch-screen mobiles for the entire village, fearing that the victims' images would leak