With Iranian directives, Yemenis die in compulsory silence

Amid strict secrecy from the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, the Coronaviru continues to kill dozens of human lives in various areas of their control, contented with burying the victims under cover of darkness and in the presence of two relatives of the deceased, as witnesses to the operation and restricting the death against a terminal illness under the threat if the fact was leaked to the public

Medical and local sources confirmed that dozens of deaths were recorded as a result of confirmed cases of the coronavirus, most of which were in the hospitals of Kuwait and Al Jumhoria in Sana'a and others in the Jeblah Hospital in Ibb Governorate

The sources revealed, earlier, that dozens of dead bodies were transported from the hospital of Jeblah by ambulances and Houthi security guards and buried in cemeteries inside the city of Ibb and its environs, while local residents in the capital Sana'a monitored similar operations documented by camera lenses and circulated through social media platforms

Sources confirmed witnessing a number of deaths and their burial process opened fire on the Houthi militia through communication platforms, and were accused directly of strict secrecy by putting pressure on the families of the deceased not to leak the truth of the death to escape their failure to acknowledge the impotence

The militia practices hedging in response to Iranian directives aimed at pressuring international organizations and countries that intend to support, to provide aid and harness it to their interests and leaders, as it has previously done with relief aid, without regard to the situation of the people who are under the war raging that sparked it and entered its sixth year in a row.

American lawyer and human rights activist, Irina Tsukerman, revealed the truth of the "Iranian-Houthi" plan that the Houthis worked according to instructions issued by Iran on how to deal with the coronavirus in its areas of control

In a hypothetical human rights seminar, Tsukerman warned that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia is keeping silent on the cases and deaths, denying the epidemic outbreaks in their areas, stressing that theey are re-establishing Iran's scenario in Yemen

She explained that the health catastrophe caused by the virus in Iran had killed the lives of senior officials and civilians, noting that the Houthi militia had covered up the epidemic as a result of its follow-up to the pace of Iran