Iran-backed Houthis secretly bury 8 bodies died from Coronavirus in Dhamar

The Iran-backed militia, on Wednesday, buried 8 dead bodies in Dhamar city, who were infected with the Coronavirus, amidst a severe secret
The militias buried the deaths in a cemetery in the city of Dhamar. Sources told Khabar Agency
The sources added that Houthi ambulances and military crews were seen entering the street side, after exiting from the Dhamar General Hospital, in which the militias deny any cases of Covid19
The sources indicated that many governorates witnessed similar burials with military crews, including Sana'a, Ibb, Al-Baydha, Hajah and Amran
Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels, have admitted to only four cases, including one death. Those figures are patently untrue – leaked results from laboratory testing show there have been confirmed cases that the Houthis didn't announce. Reports say