Funded by Qatar.. Yemen Islah Party sets up new camps in Taiz, aims to destabilize the liberated areas

Military and local sources in the governorate of Taiz revealed that leaders of the Yemeni Islah party (the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen) have lately set up new camps on the outskirts of the city.

The Leader of the Islah party, Hamoud Al Mikhlafi, has set up two camps belonging to his group on the outskirts of Taiz city, and that the financing of these camps was from the Qatari regime. sources informed Khabar Agency

The sources said that secret deals have been concluded between the Islah party leaders and the Qatari government to destabilize the liberated areas and to stop liberating the rest of the governorate from Iran-backed Houthis.

For their part, political, social and military figures in Taiz held the Yemen's Islah party fully responsible for any acts of chaos, disturbance of security, or fabricating problems in the liberated areas of the governorate by Hamoud Al Mikhlafi's militias.