Poverty in Houthi-controlled areas is high, at around 90 %: Yemeni Parliamentarian says

Yemeni parliamentarian Abdo Beshr (who lives in Houthi controlled areas) said that the Houthi-controlled areas have highest poverty rates and have reached 90 percent of the population, which is a reflection of Houthi policies to impoverish society.

"The Caliph Omar bin Abdulaziz, after he eradicated poverty in Muslim countries, young people got marry, while the Houthi's Zakat Authority did the exact opposite, leaving the zakat banks, the poor, and the needy aside; and organizing mass weddings". Beshr said in a statement.

He was surprised by the Houthis' distribution of blankets for those sleeping on the streets, in disregard for people's pain. "It was better for them to provide shelter, not help them sleep on the streets". He concluded.