Poverty and hunger, a compulsory trend for the families of the dead Houthis

The families of the dead Houthis suffer from poverty and hunger, as a result of the killing of their breadwinners in the battles.
The complaints of the families of the dead Houthis escalated, in light of the marginalization of the Houthi leaders, of the situation of these families, despite the levies and royalties imposed on the allegations of their care, from more than one financial resource, but in the end they go to the pockets of the Houthis, leaving these families hostage to poverty and starvation.
The families of the dead Houthis complain of poverty and the lack of the simplest means of life and food that the militias promised them that they will provide food and salaries for their families.
These families are forced to pay the remaining children to beg, or to work in difficult occupations, while the women turn into domestic workers in order to provide food and pay rent.
Well-informed sources told Khabar Agency, that the Houthis distributes regular food aid to the families of the dead belonging to the Hashemite dynasty, while ignoring the families who don't belong to their dynasty.
The Houthis recently circulated to the telecommunications companies operating in their areas of control, deducting one percent of their annual revenues in favor of what they called the "Fund for Support and Care of the Dead Families", which actually goes to the pockets of the Houthi leaders.
Hundreds of families who lost their only breadwinner during participation in the war, appealed to save them and their children due to the suffering and the lack of food.