Iran-backed Houthis kidnap more than 100 citizens in Dhamar

The Iran-backed Houthis have launched a massive campaign of kidnappings that affected two villages in Al-Hada district of Dhamar Governorate north of Yemen, which is under their control.
Local sources told Khabar Agency that the Houthis sent a major military campaign targeting the two conflicting villages of Al-Zaydah and Al-Jallab in Al-Hada district.
The campaign had randomly kidnapped more than 100 people from the two villages and took them to prisons under the pretext of seeking to stop the war that has been going on between the two sides for more than two years. The sources said.
However, local residents accuse the Houthi leaders of interfering from time to time in the widespread wars in the Hada district.
It is noteworthy that the Houthis prevented a local tribal mediation earlier from completing its efforts to resolve the conflict after it was able to stop the clashes between the people of the villages of Al-Zaydah and Al-Jallab in Al-Hadda, claiming that stopping wars is one of the tasks of the state.
Al-Hada district is witnessing more than 21 tribal wars, most of which are fueled by Houthi leaders, inflicting hundreds of innocent victims, and the district is considered the most warring in the Dhamar governorate.