Iran-backed Houthis loot YR1.3 billion from the Postal Authority

The Iran-backed Houthis admitted to the looting of their leaders about YR1.3 billion from the General Authority for Post and Postal Savings and its branches in the areas under their control in 2020.
Leaked documents revealed the militia's confession, a major shortcoming in the process of documenting the amounts spent under the "poor and needy" item, as it is considered a final bank, although it is still a financial covenant and no documents were attached to support the exchange operations, which means that the Houthis are tampering with zakat funds, and they transfer it for their personal accounts.
On the other hand, the documents revealed that the Houthis have created a customs port in Dhamar Governorate, to impose and collect customs duties, within the framework of the continuous looting of citizens and tightening the screws on suppliers and goods owners.