Yemen: Houthi-held areas see severe fuel shortage

The Yemeni governorates under Houthi-held areas suffer from acute fuel crisis.
In Sanaa, the queues for petrol stretch as far as the eye can see. They are so long that drivers spend several nights in their cars before reaching the station for a refill.
When they get to the end of the line, the petrol may not even be available. Local residents told "Khabar Agency".
On Saturday, the Houthis created fuel crisis in Sanaa and the areas under their control.
They fuel crisis in Sanaa and a number of governorates began hours after the Houthis' statements about the seizure of oil tankers by the Arab Coalition.
The flow of fuel to the port of Hodeidah continued despite the militias' refusal to implement the terms of the truce announced by the United Nations in early April and extended for three consecutive periods.