Iran-backed Houthis shell areas in Marib and Dhalea, casualties reported

The Iran-backed Houthis on Sunday, launched a bombardment targeted government forces' positions on the fronts west of Marib, as the UN-mediated truce ended without extension.
Field sources said that the Houthi shelled Yemeni army sites in the Mahzam Mas front and other sites west of Marib. Casualties from the Yemeni army were reported.
During the past hours, the Houthis pushed military reinforcements and various combat mechanisms to the fighting fronts in Marib and Al Jawf, as the UN-mediated truce ended without extension.
On the other side, civilians were killed and wounded, on Sunday, as a result of the bombing carried out by the Houthi militia on villages north of Dhalea.
Local sources told Khabar Agency, that the Houthi carried out artillery shelling on towns and villages, which led to the deaths and injuries of citizens in the areas adjacent to the Al-Fakher front and Bab Al-Ghalq north of Dhalea.