UN Security Council imposes sanctions on three Houthi commanders

The UN Security Council added three Houthi commanders to its sanctions list days after the breakdown of efforts to extend a six-month Yemeni truce that expired on Sunday.

The amended list, which was released on Thursday, included Ahmed Al Hamzi, commander of the rebels' air force and air defences, as well as its drone programme.

The UN said Al Hamzi was listed for playing “a leading role in Houthi military efforts that directly threaten the peace, security and  stability of Yemen”.

The committee also imposed sanctions on Houthi naval chief Mansour Al Saadi and the former deputy head of its  National Security Bureau, Mutlaq Al Marani

 Al Saadi has masterminded lethal attacks against international shipping in the Red  Sea and plays a leading role in Houthi naval efforts that directly threaten the peace, security and stability of Yemen,” the UN said.

Al Marani was added to the list for his role in the “torture and other  ill-treatment” of detainees under his supervision, the UN said.

He was also accused of directing the National Security Bureau to illegally  arrest and detain humanitarian workers, as well as planning the diversion of humanitarian aid in breach of international law.