Iran-backed Houthis arrest a number of leaders of security areas for their failure in mobilizing fighters

The Iran-backed Houthis arrested a number of leader of security areas loyal to them in the areas under their control, on Thursday and Friday, and put them in secret prisons.
A security source told Khabar Agency that members of the so-called Preventive Security (an intelligence agency affiliated with the Houthis) raided the homes of the leaders of the security areas in Sana'a, Dhamar and Ibb and took them to secret prisons, as a result of their failure to mobilize fighters.
The Houthis had directed the security leaders of some areas to mobilize fighters and send them to training camps, but the recruits refused to go and fled from their workplaces in the police stations and some security agencies. The source said.
The Houthi suffer from a huge shortage of fighters due to the reluctance and withdrawal of hundreds of tribesmen from the fronts, and their refusal to return to fight in with the Houthis.
According to the source, the Houthis accused the security leaders of failing.