Iran-backed Houthis force African refugees to engage in military and sectarian training

The Iran-backed Houthis have forced dozens of African refugees to participate in military training courses and sectarian intellectual mobilization courses. Informed sources in the capital, Sana'a told Khabar Agency.
The sources said that the militia's recruitment committee carried out an extensive campaign to track, chase and lure African refugees of all ages in order to recruit them and force them to join the educational program to brainwash them and make them time bombs in the hands of militia leaders.
The Houthi Preventive Security Service managed to force 300 African refugees to engage in military and intellectual training, as they were transferred from Saada, Sana'a, Dhamar and Ibb to unknown locations. The sources added.
According to the sources, the militias initially carried out a campaign to pursue refugees under the pretext of correcting their situation, as about 1,000 refugees were arrested and detained in special warehouses in the Aser area, and bargained with them to join their programs and fight in their ranks in exchange for obtaining citizenship and money and to stop persecution and tracking.
The sources pointed out that some of the African detainees rejected the Houthi attempts, which made them subjected to brutal beatings and assaults.