Houthis send military personnel to Iran to receive courses on threatening international navigation

Intelligence sources confirmed that the Houthis have sent dozens of officers and military personnel to Iran to receive military and sectarian courses, conducted by experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The aim of these courses is to enhance the military and intelligence capabilities of the Houthis at sea and within the country.

Sources told Khabar Agency that Houthis regularly transfer dozens of Security & Intelligence Service officers and military personnel, from Sanaa International Airport which under their control to Jordan, and then to Iraq, ultimately reaching the Iranian capital, Tehran, to receive training courses.

The tasks they receive training on focus on military, combat, and intelligence operations, as well as manufacturing explosive devices and conducting maritime mining and booby-trapping operations. They also receive training on controlling unmanned explosive boats, as well as spying on military calls and attempting to decipher their codes and ciphers, among other things. The sources said.

In addition, the dispatched security and intelligence officers receive training in communications and technology, as well as monitoring and eavesdropping on political and human rights accounts and guerrilla warfare and raids inside cities, among other combat skills.

This coincides with high-level Houthi movements and meetings with international intelligence officers, including British officers.

In the past few months, similar intelligence sources have revealed movements of prominent Houthi leaders and their departure from Sanaa airport to Tehran through the airport of Jordan.