Serious violations in Houthi women prisons lead an inmate to attempt suicide

Informed sources revealed the continued terrorist Houthi militia committing serious violations in women prisons in Sanaa, while one of the inmates attempted suicide.

The Iran-backed Houthis committed serious violations in the women prison, ranging from deprivation of food and medicine to psychological pressure and physical assault. The Sources told Khabar Agency.

Houthi female supervisors in the prisons practice various forms of violations against female prisoners.

According to sources, the Houthis deliberately prevent field visits by any human rights organizations in order to avoid revealing the serious violations being committed in detention and imprisonment centers for women.

The prisoners are deprived of the most basic rights and essential items for life such as food, water, and medicine, as well as their belongings being confiscated continuously. The sources said.

Human rights reports have previously revealed cases of inmates committing suicide and attempted suicide due to these practices and serious violations against them in the past few months.