Explosion at a weapons depot in Marib kills a woman and injures 3 others

A woman died and 3 others were injured, and dozens of IDPs homes were burnt in Marib Governorate (northeastern Yemen) following an explosion at a weapons dealer depot near the IDPs camp.

Local sources reported that an explosion occurred at a weapons dealer warehouse in the Samadah market in Wadi Ubaidah, causing shells to scatter towards the eastern Arqeen camp for displaced people in Al-Wadi district.

The source said that more than 30 homes for displaced people were engulfed in flames before civil defense teams and locals rushed to the site to extinguish the fire.

Earlier, the executive unit for managing displaced camps mentioned that due to the high temperatures, displaced people are forced to use air conditioners with random wiring, putting their tents at risk of fires.

From January until April 13, 2024, 34 fires were recorded resulting in 4 children being injured, while in 2022, there were 114 fires causing the death of 14 people and injuring 19 others, including children and women.

In 2020, there were 66 fires resulting in the death of 5 people and the injury of 12 others, including children and women, and in 2021, the number rose to 102 fires causing the death of 6 and injuring 11 others, including children and women.

In 2023, there were 219 fires causing the death of 6 and injuring 22 others, including children and women.

Displaced people are facing extremely difficult conditions due to the repeated incidents of fires, living in dilapidated tents exposing them to the risks of rain, floods, and extreme heat, in addition to severe shortages in food and medical supplies.