Yemeni parliament calls on the UNSC to lift the sanctions on Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh

From Faris Saeed
The Yemeni parliament has sent three letters to the UN Security Council, the United Nations and the UN sanctions committee calling for the lifting of unjust sanctions against Ambassador Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh
"We sent three letters to the UN, UNSC and UN sanctions committee established pursuant to resolution 2140 (2014), in which we demanded the lifting of the unjust sanctions against Ambassador Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh," Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sheikh Nasser Bajil told Khabar Agency
Bajil confirmed that the three letters were signed by 150 members of the Yemeni parliament
"We called for the lifting of the sanctions against Ahmed Ali Saleh, because they were unfair",He added
He stressed that Ambassador Ahmed Ali is innocent of all the charges attributed to him in the UN Security Council resolution
He pointed out that, lifting the sanctions on him, will restore the confidence of the Yemeni people in the UN Security Council