Yemeni Coast Guard Forces capture a terrorist cell smuggling Iranian weapons to the Houthis

The Yemeni Joint Forces in the West Coast revealed the details of an intelligence and security operation that culminated in toppling of a Houthi cell operating within the Iranian arms smuggling network of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and capturing of its master mind and three other members
The Military media of the Joint Forces said in a statement that members of the Houthi cell for smuggling weapons were captured by the Yemeni Coast Guard in the Red Sea sector off Yemen's coast on May 7, 2020, based on accurate intelligence information
The statement said that the process of tracking and capturing the Houthi cell began after the Intelligence Unit obtaining information related to the activities of its members, stressing that the monitoring and investigation process carried out by the Intelligence Unit was able to obtain accurate information related to the Houthi cell and its activities within a network of arms smuggling of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard IRG
According to the statement, the Yemeni Coast Guard forces intercepted the boat of the four members of the cell at sea off Dhubab of Bab El-Mandab Strait. They were in possession of passports, Thuraya satellite phones and GPS MAGELLAN
The Houthi militia assigned the cell to go to Iran, according to a plan that includes passing three boat exchange stations and changing routes to the Iranian Bandar Abbas Port on a mission for maritime training, and then smuggling a weapon shipment on board a boat. The statement revealed
It indicated that the official of the arms smuggling cell called Alwan Fateeni, had previously traveled to Iran with a group of 4 individuals on board a plane to transport the wounded Houthis, revealing that he had received, with the group he traveled to Iran, various training at the hands of the Revolutionary Guards for about two months, including camouflage, maps, GPS, driving boats and maintaining engine machines
After taking training courses in Iran, the Houthi cell returned at the end of 2015, undertook the tasks of smuggling Iranian weapons in various sectors, at sea and on land, that would reach the Houthis with weapons, according to the Military statement
The Military statement said that the investigations with the seized cell revealed important information about the arms smuggling networks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Yemen and the Horn of Africa, as well as the stations, stages and methods of transporting shipments from Iran to the Houthis
The investigations revealed that the cell had previously carried out a number of smuggling operations of Iranian weapons to the Houthi militia to the ports of Hodeidah, Saleef and Ras Issa, and its master mind took over the smuggling sector of Iranian weapons from the Sea of ​​Oman to Mahra