Yemeni forces supported by tribesmen advance towards key city of Al-Bayda

Yemeni troops, supported by tribesmen, recapture a main district, linking al-Bayda to the south, from the Houthis

Fierce battles raged on several fronts in Yemen’s al-Bayda province on Thursday, a day after al-Zaher district was overrun by tribesmen and al-Amaliqa Brigades (The Giants Brigades) as they pushed to recapture the capital of the central province from the Houthis.

The push is part of a new military operation launched by al-Bayda tribesmen and al-Amaliqa Brigades (The Giants Brigades), consisting of tribesmen from southern provinces.

A field source said that the tribesmen and al-Amaliqa Brigades launched a massive attack on Thursday afternoon, against Houthi groups that tried to restore recently lost positions in the al-Zaher district, after crushing a number of the militia's offensive coordination with direct support from the Coalition warplanes.

The media center of the government forces confirmed that the forces, backed by the Coalition warplanes, dealt with the Houthi groups that tried to regain some of the sites they lost recently in the Al-Zaher district.

Activists from Al-Bayda posted pictures showing the extent of human and material losses, including a camera, and the bodies of dozens of Houthi dead infiltrators.