Yemen suspends participation in talks with the Houthi militia in Amman

The Yemen's Governmental Military Committee suspended its participation in the ongoing talks in the Jordanian capital, Amman, with the aim of strengthening control over violations and forming joint operations rooms at the fronts level throughout Yemen.
The committee explained in a statement that its suspension comes as a result of the Houthi militia launching a large-scale military attack in Taiz governorate, which resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries, and this attack aimed to close the last major artery feeding the besieged city of Taiz for seven years.
This comes in light of the continued daily violations of the truce using drones, ballistic missiles, and other military actions that claimed hundreds of dead and wounded during the truce period.
The committee said its suspension will continue until "further notice".
The committee called on the United Nations, represented by its Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grund Berg, to carry out his duties towards these practices and crimes committed by the Houthi militia.