Yemen: Houthis consider to impose "Iranian veil" on schoolgirls

The headmistress of a number of government schools in Yemen's Sanaa, which are under the control of the Houthi militia, are considering to impose the wearing of the "Iranian veil" on female students in girls' schools, after two weeks of obligating male and female students in schools to chant the "Khomeinist Scream" (Sarkah in Arabic).
Student sources in Sanaa told Khabar Agency that a number of headmistress of government girls' schools in Sana'a are making attempts to force the wearing of the "Iranian veil" as an alternative to the "traditional veil" for female students, as part of the militia's efforts to impose their control over women in areas under their control.
During the past months, a number of girls affiliated with the Houthi militia appeared wearing "Iranian hijab", in several sectarian events in Sana'a.
Since their takeover of Sanaa on September 21, 2014, the Houthis have distorted the school curricula, changed the names of government schools, and imposed sectarian activities and events that would blow the minds of students, break up the social fabric.