Dozens of children with cancer died in Houthis controlled-areas due to a bad batch

Dozens of children with cancer died in Yemen's Sana'a due to a bad batch of cancer treatment during the past week, according to the Yemeni Organization for Combating Human Trafficking.

The organization said that the Ministry of Health and Population in the Houthi government dispensed an expired dose of treatment after the expiry date was falsified, and it was dispensed at the Kuwait Hospital for Children with Cancer. Some of them died in the early days, while others are in very serious condition.

The World Health Organization and international organizations regularly provide the Yemeni government with free medicines for incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, dialysis and others, but a large part of these treatments go for sale on the black market.

The organization called on international organizations to go to the field hospital in Kuwait and conduct an investigation into the matter. Some children are still in intensive care in a very serious condition, and those involved in it must be revealed and prosecuted.