Iran-backed Houthis use the visit of the head of the UN mission to Hodeidah to bring military reinforcements in

The Iran-backed Houthis used the recent visit of the head of the United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeidah Agreement, accompanied by the militia-appointed governor of Hodeidah, to a number of southern directorates in the governorate, and they brought military reinforcements into the directorates.
Local sources said that the Houthis took advantage of this visit, as they brought in more than 8 heavily armed vehicles camouflaged under United Nations banners.
Those weapons and vehicles were deployed to Al-Haima, Hays, Jabal Ras and Maqbana areas, in addition to a battalion of fighters called the Death Brigades, which were accompanying the UN team. The sources added.
The UN team, accompanied by the Houthi leaders, was briefed on the situation in a number of areas in the districts of Adurayhimi, Bayt Al-Faqih, Zabid, Tahita and Al-Jarrahi.