Yemeni Forces cut off road linking Zubaid and Al Tahita in Hodeidah as Houthi defences collapse

The Yemeni National Resistance Forces, Brigades Al-Amalaqah and Tihama Resistance forces managed to cut off the road linking Zubaid ald Al Tahita district in the Yemeni Governorate of Al Hodeidah, forcing the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels to flee the battlegrounds

The Yemeni resistance forces continued their advance towards Al Tahtia and Zubaid, amid major collapse in defences of the Houthi militias who suffered heavy losses

The control over junction leading to Al Tahtia resulted in cutting off the supply lines for the militias who are currently under siege from two fronts in the Red Sea Coast

Dozens of the Houthi militia fighters fled the battlefields South of Al Tahtia and Al Jarahi following the large scale military operation by the Yemeni resistance forces

According to Yemeni sources in the field, the Houthi rebels fled the battlefields towards Zubaid, Bait Al Fqih and Al Hussainia, leaving behind their equipment, weapons and dead bodies after the siege. The fighters who ran away sold their weapons and tried to avoid the checkpoints created at the Houthi -controlled areas to capture their members who are fleeing from the fighting fronts

The Coalition's jet fighters also targeted the Houthi reinforcements in Al Mugris and other Red Sea Coast areas, leading to the destruction of military vehicles killing dozens of the Houthi militia fighters