Iran-backed Houthis bomb Marib city with 6 missiles

The Iran-backed Houthi militia targeted on Sunday Marib city with 6 ballistic missiles, local sources said.
The Houthi rebels launched 6 ballistic missiles, two of which hit residential areas in the city of Marib, home to more than one million IDPs. The sources said added.
It was not known if the bombing caused any casualties.
According to official statistics, the Houthi insurgents have targeted Marib city, the last stronghold of the Yemeni government in north Yemen, with over 300 missiles, killing more than 700 civilians.
In early February, the Houthis launched a wide-scale offensive to capture the oil-rich city of Marib. Since then the fighting resulted in the killing of thousands of fighters on both sides.
This comes amid airstrikes conducted by the Saudi-led coalition on Houthi targets.
On Sunday, the Arab Coalition announced it has destroyed four drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia targeting the southern region, adding that it had also conducted 19 targeted strikes on Marib and al-Jawf during the past 24 hours.