Houthis transfer military intelligence equipment and archives to their stronghold, establish a new headquarters under the supervision of Iran

Two intelligence sources said that the Houthi, under the supervision of prominent leader Abu Ali al-Hakim and an expert in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, transferred the entire archive of the Military Intelligence Service from the capital, Sanaa (northern Yemen), to their stronghold, Saada Governorate.

The Houthis (classified by the US) have recently transferred the, equipment, archives and documents of the Military Intelligence Service from Sanaa, to Saada Governorate, the stronghold of the militia leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, and established a new headquarters. The sources told Khabar Agency.

Al-Hakim, who is the commander of the military wing of the militia, assigned officers in the same agency to move from Sanaa to Saada, to establish a new headquarters for the agency and an operations room that would be directly supervised by an expert in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The sources suggested that the Houthis are seeking to make their stronghold a major center for their military and intelligence operations, not ruling out linking the rest of the government sectors with a joint control room in the same governorate.

This comes within the Houthis escalation plan in various sectors and institutions of the state, aimed at completing the reins of control over the centralization of the state.